October 19, 2017
Stafford & Co. Insurance

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  • Direct Claims Reporting - In the event of a claim you may reach your insurance company 24/7 in most all cases by following this link. Locate your company in the listing and call or link to their website for more information. In the event of a claim you are advised to take any reasonable steps to avoid further damage to property or bodily injury.Call emergency services first if required and then contact the insurance company or your Stafford service representative.


To speak with your Stafford & Co representative please contact us by email or call:


Fall River, MA - Main Office
1000 N. Main Street
Fall River, MA 02720
Phone: (508) 673-5893
Fax: (508) 677-0792
Somerset, MA - Lockhart Insurance
1168 County Street
Somerset, MA 02726
Phone: (508) 675-7404
Fax: (508) 679-8682