October 19, 2017
Stafford & Co. Insurance

Make an Insurance Payment

In most cases, you can make insurance payments 24/7 directly to your insurance company. Locate your insurance company below and click the link to make an online payment, or call the toll-free number provided. Most of our company partners accept electronic checks, debit cards and all major credit cards. Please have your account information and policy number available.

In addition, most companies provide automatic monthly payments via EFT. Call Stafford Insurance to obtain an automatic payment authorization EFT form or send us an e-mail here to request one.

Note: If your policy is in cancellation status due to non-payment of premium no reinstatement is provided until confirmed by your insurance company. Always make your premium payments on time to avoid coverage cancellation.   

  • Hanover Insurance or call (800) 573-1187

  • Safety Insurance to login or create a new online account

  • Norfolk & Dedham Insurance

  • National Grange  - Main Street America or call (800) 611-0958

  • Safeco Insurance or call (888) 723-3260

  • Mass Property Insurance Underwriting Association (FAIR Plan)

  • Plymouth Rock Assurance Corp or call (866) 353-6292

  • Progressive Insurance or call (800) 776-4737

  • Wright Flood Insurance

  • New London Insurance

  • International Marine Underwriters (IMU) call (877) 624-7775