Lawyers Malpractice

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Stafford & Co provides your professional law practice with access to multiple top-rated insurance companies. We are one of few agencies with staff dedicated and trained for this specialty line of insurance which enable us to design coverage for your legal specialty and unique exposures. Do not leave your malpractice protection to an amateur. Call the specialists at Stafford & Co today.

  • Private practice attorney
  • Defense, criminal, litigation, real estate, estate 
  • Practices of all sizes
  • Corporate counsel

Monthly payment options are available on all policies.

A sample of the many leading carriers that we negotiate with for your custom practice protection (and best value) are:

  • Navigators Insurance
  • XL Insurance
  • Hanover Insurance
  • Hartford Insurance
  • Westport Insurance
  • Philadelphia Insurance
  • Evanston Insurance
  • Chartis Insurance

Call Stacey or Ozzie today at (800) 491-5347 for more information or download a Quick Quote Form and fax it to (866) 567-2864.