Technology Insurance

Technology businesses differ greatly from other businesses and face many unique exposures to financial loss. At Stafford Insurance, we partner with Hanover Insurance Group to develop specific solutions aimed at closing coverage gaps that exist in most technology insurance programs. Your business demands more than an insurance policy. It requires a team of risk management experts who are knowledgeable about the complex risks facing technology professionals. 

Do we handle just your Cyber or E&O Liability exposures?

No, we have the capacity to handle your entire insurance program. Automobiles, Cyber Liability, E&O, General Liability, Product Liability and Workers Compensation coverage all under one roof with our professional team devoted to your financial protection and risk management loss control and prevention. 

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Lost Data Coverage

An IT firm’s employee installs a software upgrade for a customer but fails to properly back up the data. After a successful installation, the tech realizes the data associated with the application has been deleted. Unfortunately, the client had not backed up data for a few days. Needless to say, the customer is not happy and the IT firm is billed for recreating the data. Your client’s claim is denied by their general liability carrier because loss or damage to software and data is excluded from their policy and they have to deal with this issue, on their own.

The Hanover Solution

Loss, corruption or destruction of data arising from your product or your work is covered by all of our Technology Professional Advantage products.

Breach of Warranties and Representations Coverage

As a telecommunication service provider, your client takes pride in the reliability of his network and advertises 99.9% uptime. A serious network outage is caused by your client’s faulty switching software. Unable to connect with their customers for several hours, the service provider’s customers allege hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost sales. The telecommunication service provider’s professional liability carrier denies coverage for the claim based on the “breach of warranties and representations” exclusion. Coverage surprises like this can cause lots of disruptions.

The Hanover Solution

All of our Technology Professional Advantage forms automatically include an express grant of coverage for breach of warranties and representations—critical for most technology-based businesses.

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